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Services Provided

FAA-DER Services:

  • Repair and Alteration Structural Approval

  • Repair and Alteration Document Reviews

  • Repair and Alteration Substantiation Reviews

  • Repair and Alteration Document Creation

  • Repair and Alteration Substantiation Creation

FAA Repair Specification (RS-DER) Services

  • Repair Specification RS-DER Approval

  • Approve Structural Aspects in Support of a RS

  • Repair Specification Document Reviews

  • Repair Specification Substantiation Reviews

  • Repair Specification Document Creation

  • Repair Specification Substantiation Creation


  • FAA STC Project Support

    • Certification and Test Plans​
    • FAA NACIP Registered​

  • FAA PMA Project Support

    • FAA NACIP Registered​

FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) Support

  • AD Compliance Implementation Support

  • AD Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) 

    • AMOC Support and FAA Coordination​

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